I am possibly the biggest weirdo in the planet. I have this thing where i like sloths, I should probably mention that MATT SMITH YOU SEXUAL BEING. Patrick Stump is my spirit animal. Hannah Snowdon is my woman crush. I'm obssesed with Robert Downey Jr and Jenna Marbles. Anne Hathaway is the sex. I love All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, Placebo, Fall Out Boy, You Me At Six and A Day To Remember. Marvel superheroes yes pls. Megan Massacre is who I long to be. I will one day be the Doctor's companion. I also really love tea :D
P.S. guitarists are so damn sexy.

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"You can’t eat all that!"

fuckin watch me.

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rest in fucking peaches, mario


*types in /tagged/me after ur url* “page not found”


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[noobtheloser] (part one)


i have the ugliest body ever i want a refund 

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